Group coaching is a fun, effective and affordable way to reach your performance and fitness goals.  Intense sessions focusing on the individual strengths, weaknesses, goals and fitness levels of the participants.  Group coaching is progressive and results driven.  You receive unlimited access to our high energy group coaching sessions.

BEAST Customized Coaching

Individualized programming designed by your coach that is specific to your sport to reach your performance and fitness goals.  Sessions may be conducted in a small group coaching setting with no more than 4 clients per session. This membership includes 5 customized coaching sessions per month and unlimited access to our BEAST group coaching sessions.

BEAST Team Coaching


Team Training…”Train Together, Win Together”

BEAST offers sports performance training for individual teams looking to give their athletes’ that competitive edge.  Our coaches will design and lead a sport specific athletic development program for your team.  Our training sessions will focus on developing a foundation for strength, speed, sport specific agility and injury prevention.

BEAST In-Season Coaching


Don’t let all the hard work you put in during your off season fail you when you need it most…while you are competing.  You need to be at your peak performance at the end of the season when playoffs hit.  Elite performers train appropriately during their competitve season to ensure their bodies are ready when it matters most.  Set goals to be better then you were the day before.  Continuing to train during your season also helps to avoid injuries.  Stay out of the trainer's room and on the field.  This group membership includes 4 group coaching sessions per month.

BEAST Summer Camps


Our athletes don't take the summer off!  Whether you’re training to develop your skills for an upcoming season or maintaining your strength, speed and conditioning during your off season, BEAST Training Academy has the right team of coaches to get you to the next level. 

Adult Group Training

Our program design is based on the theory of Metabolic Conditioning.  Group Fitness Coaching is a great way to shake things up each training session and give you a full body workout while burning a ton of calories and increasing your metabolism.  Your body will get stronger, your cardiovascular fitness will improve, and you will burn calories and watch your body transform.

BEAST Softball Training (Seasonal)

Softball is one of the last sports to understand the importance of strength and athletic development as part of their training regimen.  Having a structured athletic development program allows for improved performance, reduces overuse injuries and increases self-esteem.  Our softball specific training program serves as the foundation to support the athletic skills needed to be successful on the diamond.  Increasing lower body explosive power, core strength and speed, as well as, upper body strength for injury prevention will improve performance.

Vertical Jump & Explosive Power Training (Seasonal)

Coaches and scouts can look at a player’s vertical jump and immediately tell how explosive of an athlete they have on their hands. This explosiveness is key for pretty much any sport requiring speed, agility, quickness and explosive power & strength.   To some degree every athlete will need to develop explosive power & strength.  Examples of explosive movements are sprinting, jumping, kicking, rotating, throwing, cutting, juking, diving, lunging and bounding.  In Summary, YES! YOU NEED LOWER BODY EXPLOSIVE TRAINING!

BEAST Wrestling Training (Seasonal)

Whether you are an experienced wrestler or a beginner just learning the sport, our wrestling program is a great way  to get your athlete in shape and ready for the season.  Wrestling specific power, strength, speed & conditioning development is the key to success on the mat.  We focus on the physical attributes needed to win while your coaches oversee your technique and skill development.  Adding BEAST to your training routine will help get you atop the podium.

P3 Exit Velocity & Bat Speed Training (Seasonal)

Showcases, combines and exposure camps have become a huge part of the sports of Baseball and Softball. Of the skills tested, Exit Velocity is one of the most important scores scouts and recruiters pay attention to. It measures the speed of the ball as it comes off the bat. Coaches can predict the potential success of a hitter by their exit velocity.


BEAST is teaming up with P3 Extreme and Coach Ramsey Harkness to train you to increase and maximize your bat speed at the plate.  If you're a hitter, don't let this training opportunity get away.