Group coaching is a fun, effective and affordable way to reach your performance and fitness goals.  These sessions focus on the individual strengths, weaknesses, goals and fitness levels of the participants. You recieve unlimited access to any of our youth group training classes. 


7-12 years old

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This program focuses on building the foundation for development of athletic skills and self esteem.  It introduces resistance training through body weight exercises.  It is an intro to proper running mechanics and SAQ drills.


12 & UP

This program continues to build on the foundations for development of athletic skills and self esteem.  It increasing resistance training and levels of condition including running mechanics and SAQ drills.

Rookies & All Stars

Monday - Thursday @ 6pm

Saturday @ 9am



This is an intense level of training building of resistance training and conditioning.  Our focus is on proper execution of compound movement in order to increase power and strength development.


High Performance Highschool

A focus on sports specific strength and speed training techniques.  This program is centered on an athletes individual needs.  Intense and advanced training methods to help our athletes improve speed, strength and flexibility performance.  

MVP & Hall of Fame

Monday - Thursday

@ 4pm & 7pm

Saturday @ 10am