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Beast offers sports performance training that will block off times for your team to come train together.  This is for individual teams looking to give their athletes a competitive edge.  Our coaches will design and lead a sports specific athletic development program for your team.  Our training sessions will focus on developing a foundation for teams to grow together while increasing strength, speed, flexibility, agility and injury prevention. 

In season or out of season, continuing to train will keep you at peak performance and helps to avoid injury.  Take advantage of our fully customizable team training option that will work around your schedules and price points.  


This program will elevate your strength and endurance.  Conditioning and speed training will have you performing at top level and outplaying your opponents.


Baseball specific training will focus on speed, exit velocity and bat speed.  You will work on building upper body strength and continue injury prevention exercises to keep you on the field. 


Our football specific training will transform your strength and speed incorporating plyometrics and weight training to keep you healthy and on the field. 


Hockey specific training is all about balance and mobility with focus on explosive lower body exercises.  Our coaches will bring in core and endurance to get your performance to the next level. 



Gymnastics and Cheer sports specific training will be all about injury prevention and maintaining strength and endurance.  Plyometrics, conditioning and light weight training will help with agility while core training will keep you on track for a successful season.


This program serves as the foundation to support the athletic skills needed to be successful on the field.  Increasing lower body explosive power, core strength and speed are our main focus.


Our Volleyball specific program will build strength and explosiveness.  By building strength athletes can develop their power movements required in volleyball.  Hand-eye coordination and speed will also be incorporated.


Wrestling specific training serves to increase power, strength, speed and conditioning for success on the mat.  We focus on agility and a full body workout to give you physical attributes to be in top shape and injury free. 


Soccer specific program will focus on lower body, speed and endurance.  Speed training and agility exercises will be incorporated into workouts to have you in top shape in and out of season. 


This program is all about speed and endurance.  Cardio, lower body exercises and agility work will have you running at your top speed.


Speed, explosiveness, jumping, upper body strength is the core to this program.  Weights and power training exercises will be key to success on the court. 

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Please contact us to set up your customized team training plan

2465 E. Joliet Hwy, New Lenox, IL 60451


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