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An Everyday Athletes Program is a fitness program that welcomes individuals of all backgrounds and fitness levels. It's designed to improve overall health, enhance functional fitness, and provide a supportive community to help participants achieve their fitness goals. Whether you're looking to stay active, improve your physical abilities, or simply lead a healthier life, this program offers a structured and adaptable approach to achieving those objectives.

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ARE YOU AN ATHLETE?   The answer is YES!!!!!  Your Sport is your everyday. Whether you are looking for a place to get lose weight, gain muscle or just get back to on a fitness plan.  Look no further.   BTA's Everyday Performance Program follows a 4 quarter principles to achieve the greatest results.  Our goal is the help you achieve the best result, so you can UNLEASH YOUR INNER ATHLETE!  #Bealion


Improve joint flexibility, range of motion, and overall functional movement patterns, reducing the risk of injury and enhancing athletic performance.


Enhances cardiovascular health, increases endurance, improves strength, and helps individuals achieve their fitness goals by optimizing their body's capacity to perform physical activities efficiently and effectively.


Build muscle mass, increase metabolic rate, enhance overall physical performance, and promote better posture and joint stability, contributing to a healthier, more functional, and resilient body.


Vital to develop a strong and stable midsection, which improves posture, reduces the risk of back pain, enhances functional strength, and supports overall athletic performance.

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