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What the Administrators and Coaches are saying about our Performance Coaches...


I have been associated with Phil Pfeifer for 19 years and it has been a pleasure and a relief to work with him. The pleasure comes from his professionalism, knowledge and sincere care for our athletes whether it concerns strength and conditioning, skill improvement or injury and rehabilitation.  The relief is in never worrying about our students/athletes when they are in Phil’s care.  We make the introduction and our job is done!


Mike Zunica
Head Baseball Coach & Athletic Director, St Rita High School


Lemont High School has had a very successful working relationship with Phil Pfeifer for the past several years. Phil has been a consultant for many of our Strength and Conditioning programs that have benefited a large number of our Athletes at Lemont High School. Phil has the ability to relate to the Elite Athlete as well as create beneficial programs that assist with goals needed for each team member to succeed. If I have a question about Athletic Performance, I know I can always count on Phil to steer us to the right resource. 


John Young
Director of Athletics and Activities, Lemont High School


Phil Pfeifer is one of the best strength coaches in the business.  The strength program he has designed for me has helped me for the last 18 years get 47 athletes in the NFL, as well as, numerous professional, college, and high school athletes achieve their goals.


Tim Graf
Graf Speed Enhancement


Through the years, Phil Pfeifer has done an excellent job working with my football players to help us develop the proper strength and conditioning program that fits our needs.  He and his staff have enabled us to continually be one of the top football programs in the state.  


Todd Kuska
Head Football Coach, St. Rita High School


I have had the great opportunity to work with Marty Meier the past three years. Marty has been a tremendous asset to our baseball program at Fenwick High School. His knowledge of the human anatomy, physiology, particular sports specific, as well as, position specific workouts is demonstrated each day through the various workouts he guides our players through. Marty is able to adjust and tailor the workouts to the various physical abilities of our high school athletes. The most important element of the strength and conditioning program that Marty provides is his attention to detail, in regards to the specific form our athletes use with the exercises. Marty does a tremendous job working with each individual athlete to be sure that their form is perfected before attempting to add weight in order to increase the difficulty of the exercise. Marty’s program, along with his ability to motivate our players and to hold each athlete accountable for their work and for our baseball team has been a key factor to our program’s success. Two of our top pitchers, whom Marty has worked with individually, have earned baseball scholarships to Division II programs. He has earned the respect of our baseball athletes through his commitment to the program, and the time he spends with them to make sure they have a solid foundation with their weight training and nutritional knowledge.


Kyle Kmiecik
Baseball/Soccer Coach, Fenwick High School

What the Athletes and their Parents are saying…


I have had the opportunity to train with Head Performance Coach Marty Meier at BEAST Performance throughout my off-season and summer.  Being a two sport athlete, I was searching for a way to balance Track and off-season weightlifting for Football and consulted Marty for advice. Marty was more than willing to help and find a way to support my athletic development without making me schedule sessions with him during my busy Track season.  He created a personal program designed specifically for my needs that would allow me to continue to run and compete in Track without neglecting the strength I would need to build for the upcoming football season.  Due to my school and Track schedule, Marty spent a great deal of his time answering my many questions and found ways to motivate me and keep me focused through email, texts and phone conversations until I could get back into the facility to train.  This is when I realized the true passion that Marty has for what he does.  He was genuinely interested in the progress I was making and wanted me to keep him updated on anything new that was going on. I could sense that Marty wanted to get the best out of me, and the fact that he truly cared about my future made me want to work even harder. By the time I finished his program, I was stronger than I had ever been following past programs and also extremely well educated in how I got to that point.


Over the summer I was able to train personally with Marty at Bo Jackson’s Elite Sports.  I developed a close relationship with him. He made training and pushing me to the point of exhaustion fun. I loved getting up in the morning and going to train because I knew it would always be a great experience. Marty likes to keep the mood light in the weight room and always jokes around with the athletes. This made training enjoyable and even helped distract me from the grueling workouts I was doing. It was easy to see that Marty wanted to be in the weight room with me just as much as I wanted to be with him. That is what really stood out to me about Marty. He was very personable and treated me as a friend rather than a client. It is clear that he knows his craft and wants to share his knowledge. I learned more about strength training throughout the past six months than I have in my entire athletic career. I am still keeping in touch with Marty now that football season is underway and look forward to training with him again as soon as possible.


Richie Warfield
Running Back & Sprinter, Providence Catholic High School (2014 Class 7A IHSA State Champs)

I have known Phil for almost 40 years and I have watched him grow as a trainer, starting out in the city of Chicago. Phil has worked from a garage, to a rehabilitation facility to where he’s at today. He has worked with schools and colleges showing his training method and being extremely impressive and very professional in doing so. His knowledge of the body is very impressive and I would of never believed that anyone could get my son back on the field if I didn’t see it 1st hand for myself. My son Justin Gardner (formerly of Providence Catholic) suffered a devastating injury on September 5 2014. He broke his tibia and fibula while playing in a Providence football game.  Justin had surgery the next morning and shortly after surgery he suffered another terrible problem.   Justin had compartment syndrome set in (blood clot) which caused him to loose the nerves in his foot.  We were told it would be a 12-18 month recovery time before he would be able to get back on the field. Shortly after he was able to walk I called Phil and told him I needed his help to get Justin back on the field.  Justin told Phil he wanted to be back for the state championship game. Between Phil and Justin working together and Phil knowing what he could do and what he couldn’t do, I was amazed at what I was seeing. Phil developed a relationship with my son, not only in the training room, but outside in life as well. Justin made it to the State Championship and was able to take part in warm ups and be a part of something they started 4 years earlier and that was to be a state champion!! September 5th is Justin’s 1st college football game and ironically it’s literally 1 year to the date of his horrible injury.  Thanks to Phil, he’s back and he’s 100%. Thank you Buddy, you will always have a special place in mine and my sons heart for what you did for him! You were hard and knew how much you could push, but you were also very compassionate and knew when to stop and would shut him down. Thanks again for everything 


Bob Gardner, Father of Justin Gardner
Defensive Back, Providence Catholic High School (2014 Class 7A IHSA State Champs) & Chadron State



I started training with Marty the summer before my Senior season after a close friend recommended me to him. I’ve been training with him for 5 months and he has impacted me greatly. He truly is somebody that can say “I love my job”. He has spent countless hours preparing me for this upcoming football season and beyond. I began strictly speed/agility training with him in the first few months and during this time I was able to see his love and passion for making people better athletes. He is very successful at what he does. I’ve gone to countless places for training, utilized various coaches and I’ve never been able to stick anywhere. But I now find myself completely invested in his training and advice. I’ve had troubles with speed my whole life and nobody could help me. Marty identified problems early and worked to fix them. Besides just putting me through very intense workouts he would stay overtime on our session to stretch me thoroughly as tightness is big factor in not being able to get the results I was looking for. Besides investing myself in him I can honestly say he has invested himself in me. He is not someone who is doing it all for the paycheck at the end of the week, and that is very easy to see. Definitely different from other training facilities I’ve been at.  He wants to be in that weight room or on that field making someone better. A big reason why I was able to stick to his training is the friendship atmosphere he creates. He will joke around with you and make it a fun experience but he will also put you through some of the hardest workouts you’ve ever done. I believe it is easier to keep pushing yourself and not give up when you’re training with a friend. And that is what Marty is to me… he is a friend who is doing all he can to make me who I want to be.


Dave Charnot
Defensive End, Providence Catholic High School (2014 Class 7A IHSA State Champs) & Upper Iowa


Phil Pfeifer has worked with my son Greyson’s strength, speed, flexibility and conditioning since 2013.  In that short period of time Greyson added 40 pounds of lean muscle, gained speed and is more flexible than he has ever been. Phil’s down to earth attitude, he appeals to youth, teenage and college age athletes.  He is intense but not a “Screamer” type of Elite Trainer.  Phil talks to my son on a level that works for my son and in return, he has my son’s full respect.  Phil truly knows his stuff:  A true professional that implements a charted, modern, continued education approach to training youth, teens and young adult athletes.  All the training methods that Phil implements pushes your athlete to become the best athlete they can be with “Proven Results”.  There is no one else in the Chicago area that will train my son….Phil is the best.


Greg Grimm, Coach & Father of Greyson Grimm
Lincoln Way West High School Baseball & Football


I had the opportunity to work with Marty Meier over the summer at the Bo Jackson Dome in Lockport, Illinois. As part of the Beast Sports Performance group, he put me through some of the best workouts I have experienced. To begin, within the first two workout sessions, Marty was able to recognize that my style of running did not utilize the strength of my legs. After working on these issues, my legs and running style both improved dramatically. To go along with the workouts, he was always finding new ways to work and improve my abilities on the football field. From footwork drills, to ab workouts, to tire flips, every week it was a new drill that put my body and stamina to the test. Along with working out, Marty was a great person to be around. Always had a smile on his face and a great sense of humor. Never have I been sore from working out and laughing at the same time. He was able to connect with me, but also with the other athletes he trained. After one summer of training, I feel like I’m in the best physical condition of my life and cannot wait to return to his training sessions. I have thanked Marty a thousand times for the time and effort he has put into me, and cannot wait to show his work on the UW-Platteville football field in the fall.


Pat Swanson
Defensive Back, University of Wisconsin – Platteville

When it comes to a young athlete’s health, Phil Pfeifer has taken the word “invested” to new heights.  Phil demonstrated his interest with our son’s health with no hesitation whatsoever.  After our son Noah injured himself, Phil guided us through the entire diagnostic and healing process, connected us with the specialists needed, and made sure that full healing and satisfaction was reached.  He did this with the same enthusiasm as if he was the parent of our son.


Our son plays at a very high level in 3 sports and having a person like Phil available for discussion and opinion as well as guidance is the best insurance plan we can ever have.  We have recommended Phil and his expertise to many other families with young athletes.  Phil has helped our son regain the confidence and ability to play at even higher levels than when he was first injured.

We can’t imagine a better or more qualified person to be integrated into any high-octane sports performance program such as the Beast Performance program suggests.


Wayne & Joan Hibler, Parents of Noah Hibler
Lincoln Way West High School Baseball & Football



I have known and worked with Coach Meier for several years: at first as a high school two-sport athlete and now as a NCAA Division I student-athlete for the Women’s Crew team at Fordham University. Coach Meier is a phenomenal, knowledgeable, and experienced strength coach that really cares about the success of the people and athletes that he trains. In my years working with Coach Meier he has educated me on a number of different things. To begin, he has trained me both inside the weight room as well as conditioning outside showing me the proper techniques to make the exercises beneficial. He has also taught me about healthy eating habits, the types of foods I should be eating, and how a healthy diet affects my abilities as an athlete to achieve the highest level of performance. He currently works with me during my off-season to ensure that I maintain my level of fitness and strength. From my experience as an athlete, I truly believe that Coach Meier is by far the best strength coach I have ever had. He goes beyond and above exceeding everyone’s expectations.


Kasia Wlodarkiewicz

Women’s Crew, Fordham University


My son Billy has been coached and trained by Phil for over 5 years. When Phil started the Beast program at the Bo Dome this past summer, I was excited. I knew with his training experience combined with Bo Jackson’s top notch facility, it would yield great results. In addition to my son getting stronger and faster, he also thoroughly enjoyed going each day. I am such a believer, I have asked Phil to offer an evening program for my daughter in preparation for the upcoming basketball season. Excellent program!!


Bill Dozier, Coach & Father of Billy Dozier

Lincoln Way West High School Football, Basketball & Track & Field



My son has been a part of The Beast training academy since June. In just three short months I have seen a huge improvement in his confidence, strength, and agility. The owner, Phil and his coaches Pete, Marty, Lynette, and Cody are always encouraging the kids and taking extra time to show them how to do things the correct way. They do something different every day to keep it fun. My son leaves a sweaty mess every time and can't wait to go back the next day. I would highly recommend the beast trading Academy.


Sabrina Green, Mother of Macklin Green


My son has been with Phil and his BEAST Performance team for 3 years and I can honestly say the designed workout plan helped my son’s overall performance and execution as a three sport youth athlete: football, lacrosse and wrestling. During the off season and throughout, my son was fully engaged with Phil’s team to condition for the upcoming season. I’m proud to say, Phil and team prepared and qualified my son to be a two-way starter for the Frankfort Falcons youth varsity football program (7th and 8th grade), selected to the all River Valley football team, Thunderbird recipient, 2-time state wrestling qualifier and more recently prepared him for Providence Catholic freshman football. Most importantly, my son has learned proper training and development technics in a fun and caring environment. He is always eager to workout at BEAST and, as a young man, understands that hard work / dedication provides an opportunity for playing time.  

James Allen, Father of Trey Allen

Providence Catholic High School, Football & Wrestling


BEAST Training Academy has helped me tremendously by creating more power behind my swing and by getting me into great shape to be as strong in the 7th inning as I was in the 1st. I'm performing at 100% throughout the entire 7 innings."

Reilly Jo Swanson, Softball Player & 16U National Champion
Joliet Catholic Academy, Illinois Sparks & Drexel University


I was never a believer of strength and agility work for youth sports. After several months at Beast I have changed my mind. What Beast has done for my two boys has shown me the impact of off season training. There is no doubt it has helped them get faster and stronger.


Marty Dykas

Former Head Baseball Coach at LWC

VP of Travel Baseball New Lenox Rebels

NLYFA Head Coach Jr. Knights


I wanted to shoot you a quick Thank You for everything @ Beast!!! What a difference it has made. Brayden has made huge strides, his gains in strength have been amazing. He literally wrestled thru the duals this weekend including Gold pool and didn't have 1 point scored on him. He tech'd and pinned all of the top kids, who were undefeated.  He told me the kids feel light! He even wrestled up 2 weeks ago at East Coast Nationals and still won the Triple Crown.  Your facility has been the answer we needed to fixing his issues.

Sheri Thompson, Mother of Brayden Thompson, 2016 & 2017 IKWF Novice State Champion

Izzy Style Wrestling Club


Bob and I  want to thank you  and your staff for an amazing training experience.  Brett has gained so much  confidence along with  strength over the off season. We also  appreciate Brad being able to use the facilities to  continue his team workout plan over the summer.  Thanks again!  The  athletes and parents are fortunate to  have you and Beast Training Academy in the community!

Connie Nolan, Mother of Brad Nolan, Benedictine University Football & Brett Nolan, LW Central Football


Our first exposure to Phil and the Beast training methodology was during his time at the Bo Dome, where both of our boys, Tucker and Renick were regular fixtures. What he was doing was clearly delivering high-impact results rather quickly. When Phil went out on his own, following him to his new facility became a no-brainer. Not only does he prepare them for athletics physically, but his competitive yet fun style engages them mentally. This helps them win on and off the field. The shelves we have at home are stacked with achievements from our boys—the proof is in the hardware. Most importantly, it’s all done with the long view in mind...sound body, and mind. For life.

Derek Miller, Father of Tucker Miller, Marist High School Football & Track & Renick Miller, Orland Park Pioneers Football


My son had just finished the harshest chemotherapy treatment for Leukemia but he wanted to go back to wrestling... so we contacted Coach Phil and in combination with his oncologist and chiropractor he started to train again!!! They did such a wonderful job! My son is back to his normal body after two and a half years of chemo and no training!!! They are simply the most knowledgeable, professional and kind coaches around!!!! 

Flavia Moylan, Mother of Joe Moylan, Lincoln Way East High School Football & Wrestling, Celtic Elite Wrestling


Our son joined BTA over the summer and looked forward to strength training and increasing his vertical jump.  He accomplished both goals while adding 11 1/2 inches to his vertical in almost 4 months!  I asked him how it felt to use his new abilities, his answer was "jumping is easy now".  He is looking forward to going back, he saw his results from the grind and knows it pays off!  I know he enjoys the atmosphere at Beast and now has a hunger to keep progressing.  

Mike Bochenek, Father of Jason Bochenek, Lincoln Way West Basketball


Our daughter Ava has been training with Phil and his staff for four years now. She would not be the athlete she is today without her Beast Training. Beast has helped her see the benefits of working out that will help her reach her goals to play softball at the college level. Our son Jay joined football later than most of his peers. With Beast training over the summer Phil and his staff helped increase our son’s strength, speed, and confidence that allowed him to be successful on the field and want to play again next season!


Corrine Jeziorski, Mother of Ava & Jay Jeziorski, Sparks Softball & Manhattan Patriots Football 


Kylie loves attending her workouts at BEAST.  She refuses to miss a workout even when it means she will be up pretty late trying to get her homework all done. She feels so much more confident with herself and sees the progress she is making each week. She is already begging me to let her continue these workouts over the summer.

Shelley Sinal, Mother of Kylie Sinal, Marist High School & New Lenox Lightning Softball


Beast has been the best thing ever for my family!! Phil and his coaching staff are top notch. We have been attending Beast for over 3 years now. My 2 sons take the group classes and love them. Beast has personally helped my oldest son achieve his goal to cut weight for football. They open their hearts and their schedule to help him!! Now my youngest daughter (7 yrs) is doing personal training and is doing amazing. I am forever grateful for Beast!!! 

Jennifer Oriente, Mother of Giovanni, Marco & Frankie Oriente, New Lenox Jr. Warriors Football


the team at Beast has helped my son build stamina, gain strength, increase mass and most importantly, confidence as a hockey player.  They have helped him achieve his goals while teaching proper technique.  Thank you Phil and team, you are true professionals.

Rick Swaw, Father of R.J. Swaw, Forward for Vikings Hockey

What the Adult Fitness Cleints are saying…


I have been to many different gyms over 10 years.  Nothing lines up with Beast Training Academy.  The knowledge and passion that Phil, Lynette and Marty have for fitness is unbelievable. The workouts are amazing.  Always high intensity and do not repeat. The workouts are designed to target every muscle group and to burn fat, whether you are doing TRX or Phil's Shed and Shred.  I cannot say enough good things about the gym and the atmosphere.  I encourage you to try any class, you won't regret it.

Nick Benninger 



I'm a retired police officer and 3 years ago Lynette O'Meara encouraged me to give TRX a try. She explained it was invented by the US NAVY SEALS and it could be good for me. I enrolled in one of her classes and quickly learned where my body was weak, and strong. With her guidance I persevered and made great gains in core strength, flexibility, improved cardio output, and weight loss. If there was an exercise I could not do because of some physical limitation, she always had a substitute exercise for me. I like how she mixed up the routine from class to class and kept things fresh and fun, and you can adjust each exercise to your ability. I started TRX at 250 lbs and now I'm down to 211. People & my doctor noticed the change! Lynette knows her TRX and I would encourage anyone to try her class today. I love TRX!!! Thank you Lynette!!!

Philip Wasik

40 Years, Retired Chicago Police Officer


I enrolled at BEAST 5 months ago. I just knew I needed to do something. I keep coming back because I feel AMAZING! Stronger, healthier, happier, but this picture shows me just how far I've come. I couldn't have gotten here without their mentoring and aggressive program design. I love this place!

Tracy Carberry

New Lenox


Beast Training Academy is awesome.  I have had the pleasure of knowing Phil for the past 7 years, as he has coached my son Keagan since he was 8 years old in baseball.  Both my children, Keagan 14 y/o and Quinton 17 y/o, attend Beast.  Coach Pfeifer is that trainer that will make sure you kid is a well rounded athlete.  He will build him up physically, without a doubt, but also mentally!  Beast has instilled strength and confidence in both my children.  They may come home from a work out SPENT, but they WANT to go back for more each and every time!  I can also attest to the Adult classes, as I started Beast in June, 2016.  I had been going to another gym without results.  Beast's classes are tough, I am not going to lie.  BUT, they are dynamic and energizing, and keep you coming back for more.  Your body will change if you come to Beast!!  AND the good part is, you will stick with it, because you will LOVE it!!  Great atmosphere, great people, GREAT trainers!!

Kris Bobbitt

New Lenox


I am a 54 year old woman who has consistently worked out and was a runner for the last 17 years. When I contacted Phil and asked him if this place was for someone like me his answer had me! He said, "Only if I like to be challenged". I love that Phil does not sugar coat just to get you to sign up. That same technique is also used for the athletes that train there. It is a choice to give it your all. If the kids stop exercising when the trainer isn't looking, the only one they are hurting is themselves, and that is how it is presented.  Many life lessons being taught along with these physical movements! I have personally witnessed Phil and his staff with the kids & adults that workout here, that same honest technique is used. We aren't helping these kids in life if we are not allowing them to accomplish things on their own. Watching them succeed because of effort is priceless. This goes the same for the adults. I have continually been challenged at Beast Training Academy and I wouldn't want it any other way.  

Susan Barnes



I enrolled at Beast Training Academy 4+ months ago.  Fifty years old and needed something that would keep me motivated to get back in shape and lose weight.  The Adult Shed and Shred program has allowed me to accomplish both.  I enjoy the workouts and the people who work out in the group session.  The adults, not through words, but through actions, all motivate each other during the sessions.  They are truly a great group to work out with.


First thing Phil said to me when I started, "once and athlete, always and athlete". Phil speaks the truth.  I'm training using some of the same lifts and routines I used in college.  I realize I'm not working out to be able to strap a helmet back on, I am working out to get back to a place where I am comfortable with both my physical well being and my health.  These workouts will push you and are not easy, but with time the results are worth all of the pain and sweat you put into them.

Al Martineck

New Lenox


As a 46 y/o fireman staying in shape is an important part of my job. After moving to New Lenox I searched for a gym that felt comfortable. I tried most of the local big box gyms but none of them really stuck. 

After signing our kids up for some of the teen programs I decided to try it for myself and I’m happy I did.

Its a very supportive and comfortable environment - whether you’ve been working out for a long time or are new to a gym. The best part is, they plan the workouts and it’s a great balance of strength and cardio. Workouts are challenging but more effective than I’d ever be on my own at a gym.


Phil and the team work with you to achieve your goals the right way - with good form and positive encouragement. 

Jim Ryan

New Lenox


I've known Coach Phil Pfeifer for the better part of 40 years and consider him a friend,....except when I'm at BEAST Training Academy; that's when Coach Phil becomes a trainer, a motivator, an educator, and an absolute ass-kicker. The workouts he puts together at BEAST are challenging, never easy, and always different....and that's what you want from a trainer. I started at BEAST as a 46-year-old former athlete that wanted to change my life for the better and I'm lucky to have found a place like BEAST Training Academy to do so. My goal was to lose weight and get healthy.  I started this journey by watching my diet and cycling outdoors.  As the weather started to change I knew my training regimen would have to also.   I called Phil for advice.  He suggested adding resistance training to my program to build lean muscle and increase my metabolism.  I told him I would try that during the winter months until I could get back on my bike in the spring…22 months later, I have never left and have lost over 100 pounds.   Beyond my personal growth I have seen young athletes go through his program and increase speed, strength, and put it simply; they become BEASTS!!! If you have not checked out BEAST Training Academy yet ask yourself this simple question, "Why not, what am I waiting for?" 

Jay Husa

New Lenox


Our family has known the Pfeifer family for many years starting when our daughters were teammates on the same travel softball team.  When he opened his family business and committed to training young athletes, we knew this was the place our kids needed to be.  Phil and his staff, treat all the athletes and families like they are one of their own; they give all the kids 150% every time they walk in the building.  This is rare now a days but BEAST is a good old fashioned, family owned and run business.   


The Viar Family

Lockport, IL


“I’m one of the “older” members and I’m so glad I joined Phil. His dedication to help you no matter what age you are is fantastic. I’m finally feeling good about myself. Thank you thank you Phil and gang. Love you much!!”


Carol Zambuto Wilson 

Lockport, IL

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