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Who is the Everyday Athlete?

YOU ARE!!!!  Anyone that is taking on a fitness program is considered an athlete.  Your EVERYDAY is our sport.  Whether you are a stay at home parent, work at a desk all day or even in construction were you are doing physical activity all day.   What you do in your life is your sport!  You need to train for your everyday!  

Who is the Everyday Coach?


Coach Joe - My main passion is in sports, conditioning and getting the highest performance out of people. I’ve been involved in coaching, in some capacity,  my entire adult life.   I have coached football for the last 23 years, 8th grade level up Varsity high school football.   

Over the last 10 years, I moved in to the gym atmosphere.   Getting to most out of people is my passion.  Over the course of the last 10 years, I have learned the struggles that  everyday athletes struggle with when they start a fitness plan.   I would love to help you along your journey to becoming the best version of yourself.

#BeALion and train like a #BEAST!

Why the Everyday Coach?

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Many Coaches in the fitness industry may not know the struggles there may be when it comes to starting a training program.  The Coach Joe has been through it all.  From being nearly 300# to getting down to 200#. Over the last 13 years I have taken back my life with a simple fitness and nutrition program.  

My goal is to motivate, challenge and support you through your journey.

What is the EDC Program!


  • Individually designed workouts

  • Cardio, strength and core

  • Delivered through a state of the art tracking app


  • Food is not the enemy, the wrong food is

  • Guidance through a holistic approach

  • Get down to the root of your "Diet Mishaps"



  • Weekly video call 1 on 1 meetings

  • Support via email/text

  • Daily, weekly and monthly goal setting




Every month

For the Everyday Athlete!

Valid for 2 months

Customized online workouts

Weekly 1on1 video check ins

Nutritional Guidance

Unlimited support via email/text

Paid in Full



Spring Challenge

Valid for 2 months

Customized workouts

Weekly 1on1 video call check ins

Nutritional guidance

Unlimited support via email/text

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